Add Molding: The Finishing Touch

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When you make home improvements, you want to maximize your financial return in the future while enjoying those improvements in your home today. Some home improvement dollars stretch more than others so when you are on a limited budget it’s important to spend those dollars wisely.

One way you can do this is by adding molding to a room or throughout your home. it is one of the most dramatic ways to dress up a room and has been around since ancient times. Crown molding and chair railing are both still sought-out decorative features that buyers search for when looking to purchase a new home. Today’s moldings come in hundreds of options from wood to foam and from simple to ornate. You can stain it, paint it, or leave it natural. Some molding these days even include lighting.

This is not your typical DIY job unless you have above-par mitering skills. You can expect to pay about $8 per foot if you hire someone. Here are a few tips about molding:

*Use crown molding to make a room seem bigger and taller. But be careful about proportions. If your ceiling height is 9 feet or less, go with simpler styles to avoid overwhelming the room.

*Chair railing placed incorrectly can make a room seem out of proportion. Rule of thumb: Place chair railing at one-third the distance of the ceiling height.

*Don’t forget entryways, doors, and windows: Bump up the trim around these areas to give rooms a completed and expensive feel.

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ANDY OnCallAdd Molding: The Finishing Touch