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There are a variety of options available, however, two of the best choices for cost-efficient, easy to maintain flooring are tile, and pre-finished hardwood floors.

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Benefits of Tile Floors

  • Cost Effective – If you take into consideration the price and the longevity of the tile, you’ll find that you get the best possible deal when you go with tile.
  • Easy to Maintain –While it does require some maintenance, it is very easy to keep up.
  • Very Durable – If you need to add flooring in an area that gets a lot of traffic or you need something that is strong and resilient, tile is going to be our answer

Benefits of Pre-finished Hardwood Floors

  • Cost Effective – Although they may seem to be a bit more expensive, you will save money after you consider all the added steps involved in installing unfinished hardwood flooring.
  • Easy to Install – Since they come already sanded and coated, there is minimal clean up after installation
  • Very Durable – Pre-finished floors are sanded 3 times, and coated 8 times w/aluminum oxide which is optimal for common wear and tear in homes
  • Easy to Maintain – The coating protects the surface and acts a a shield from scratches, burns and spills which makes wiping and mopping much easier.

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