Let Us Install Your Custom Play Equipment

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HandymanParents and children alike recognize the value of play. Parents want their children to have a safe and secure play environment. Children want… well, children want to have a good time.

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Custom Play Equipment

Things to consider before installation:

  • Tailor your playground equipment to your available space, your personal budget and your children’s favorite activities and interests.
  • Change or add accessories as toddlers become adolescents. Swings, rings, slides, towers, climbing walls, sandboxes, ladders and more are available.
  • Before the play set is assembled, remove rocks and other debris (as well as any additional obstructions) and level the area.
  • The ground underneath and around the play set need to be able to cushion the occasional fall.
  • Mulch is an excellent cushioning substance. Use a loose material like shredded bark or rubber mulch.
  • Keep an eye on the equipment regularly to make sure it remains safe — tighten loose bolts, replace any parts that may have rusted or become worn, make sure the ‘S’ hooks are closed (if applicable).

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