Let Us Repair Your Exterior Siding

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Keeping your siding well maintained and repaired is a vital part of keeping your home looking good.

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Tips For Maintaining Siding

  • Maintaining vinyl and aluminum siding is relatively easy. Simply wash it once a year with a mild soap solution. Remember that harsh cleaners can damage nearby plants.
  • If your home has vinyl, steel, or aluminum siding, a pressure washer is an excellent alternative to hand-scrubbing. If your siding is made of wood, brick, stucco, has peeling paint, or has been painted with paint that may contain lead, don’t use a pressure washer.
  • Paint and stain aren’t just makeup, they’re foundation. Make sure that siding is protected from moisture and pests by keeping it well painted to seal it.
  • Wood siding’s worst enemies are moisture and wood-boring pests. You can minimize damage by making sure that Gutters are keeping water from the surface, and that nearby plants aren’t giving moisture and bugs a clear path to the siding. A once-a-year walk-around inspection of wood siding is a good idea.

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