Maintaining Your Wood Fence

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Wood is vulnerable to nature’s punishments. Sun, wind, rain and
freezing all subject wood fences to a terrific beating.

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Tips To Extend the Life of Your Fence

  • Inspect your fence for loose and rotting wood at least once a year, paying particular attention to where posts go into the ground. Wood posts that weren’t properly treated and set in concrete typically rot away at ground level.
  • Adjust gates that drag on the bottom, don’t latch, etc. Use a turnbuckle tension cable to lift a sagging gate.
  • Replace loose nails with exterior grade screws. Replace stripped screws with bolts that go through both sides of the fence.
  • Use rot-resistant lumber like cedar and pressure-treated pine to resist rot and insects.
  • Clean and seal wood every few years. Rent a pressure washer to power spray dirty and rotten wood with a diluted chlorine solution. Then, apply a water repellant sealant. If spraying, do it when there is no wind to avoid overspray. Safer yet, apply sealant with rollers.
  • Keep plants trimmed back so your fencing dries quickly after a rain.

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