Outdoor Living: The Great Escape

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For the last decade, Americans have been enthusiastically bringing the indoors outside and transforming their patios, decks and parts of their yards into full-fledged — and often lavish — living rooms, dining areas and kitchens.

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Outdoor Living Trends

  • Just in time for warm weather, elective projects are beginning to pick up steam and decks are the first outdoor lifestyle feature to make an official comeback.
  • People are traveling less and giving up second homes due to the economy. This is an alternative that is actually a version of scaling back, especially because they can recover some of the costs when they sell if it’s done tastefully.
  • Features that incorporate fire and decks clad in concrete or stone pavers are also very popular right now. The fire features are getting more elaborate and usually incorporate pit-style or built-in seating areas and gas, because people don’t want to deal with wood.
  • The trend in patios and decks is toward concrete or stone pavers and away from wood. Pavers don’t rot, bend, warp, twist and are easier to use for interesting designs and shapes.

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