The Best Handyman Franchise In The US!

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Andy OnCall® is currently ranked #24 in the country for all franchise business opportunities, and the highest rated Handyman Franchise.

As surveyed by the 2010 Franchise Hot 100

One of the best ways to learn about ANDY ONCALL® Handyman Franchise is to talk with franchise owners who work in the business every day. We are so confident that our franchisees are getting the support they need to grow their business that we want you to talk directly with them.

First, submit a preliminary application to see if you are financially qualified and following approval we will arrange for you to visit directly with one of our experienced franchisees.

The following ANDY ONCALL® Handyman Franchisees are some our most knowledgeable and experienced owners:

  • Mike & Brenda Sabo – Tulsa, OK
  • Jim Gibson – Columbia, SC
  • Tom Atkins – Kansas City, MO
  • Ken & Nancy Nowoc – Chicago, IL
  • Ted Madden – Louisville, KY

After approval, please feel free to contact any of our franchisees. Most owners are available from 8am to 5pm in their time zone.

Our role as a Franchisor is to put you in business and to keep you there – profitably. Exclusive territories, comprehensive initial training, on-going field assistance, marketing programs, a complete Operations Manual and continuous management consultation are all part of our function.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting and unique handyman franchise opportunity, please complete the Preliminary Franchisee Application online, or contact Clay in Franchise Development toll free: 1.877.263.9662
or by email:

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ANDY OnCallThe Best Handyman Franchise In The US!