Upgrade Your Lighting

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Making improvements to your lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. An average household dedicates 11% of its energy budget to lighting. Using new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in your home by 50% to 75%.

Indoor Lighting Tips

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR label when purchasing these products.
  • Turn off the lights in any room you’re not using, or consider installing timers, photo cells, or occupancy sensors to reduce the amount of time your lights are on.
  • Consider three-way lamps; they make it easier to keep lighting levels low when brighter light is not necessary.
  • Use 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with reflective backing and electronic ballasts for your workroom, garage, and laundry areas.
  • Consider using 4-watt minifluorescent or electro-luminescent night lights.
  • Use energy saving lights in all the portable table and floor lamps in your home.

Outdoor Lighting Tips

  • Use outdoor lights with a photocell unit or a motion sensor.
  • Turn off decorative outdoor natural gas lamps.
  • Exterior lighting is one of the best places to use energy saving lights because of their long life.
  • Also consider high-intensity discharge (also called HID) or low-pressure sodium lights.

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