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Get Your House Ready For The Holidays!

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Playing host during the holidays can certainly be stressful with all the cooking, planning, organizing, etc. Basic home maintenance isn’t only important for your home, it can make your life a lot easier during the busy holiday season.

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Holiday Maintenance Checklist

  • New Kitchen Fixtures— By having the right kitchen environment for your get-togethers this holiday season, you can cut down on holiday stress by having a kitchen that’s equipped to handle all your holiday party needs.
  • A Fresh Coat Of Paint—Giving your bathroom something as simple as a nice new paint job can work wonders. Over time, even the highest quality paint job loses its luster, especially in a high traffic area like the bathroom.
  • Seal Door and Window Drafts—If you’ve been noticing that your home’s a little drafty, be sure to seal things up before your guests arrive.
  • Insulate Pipes—Coming home to busted or frozen pipes tops the list of cold weather, homeowner nightmares.
  • Strengthen Bouncy DecksIf you notice your deck starting to sag or feel unsteady when you walk across it, now’s probably the time to fix it.
  • Fix Slow Drains—More showers, extra laundry loads and a busier kitchen sink will put added strain on those slow drains and possibly cause a serious and inconvenient backup.
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