• Contact ANDY OnCall® office; your job information will be taken by our customer service representative.
  • The ANDY OnCall® representative will explain our policies.
  • When a Craftsman with the skills needed is available, we will call you to schedule a specific date and time.
  • If the appointment needs to be rescheduled, the office will handle to your convenience.
  • After the craftsman arrives, he will assess your job. He will then ask to use your phone and call the office for a price. This is a FREE estimate. If you agree to the price, he can begin and be there until complete or we can schedule work when convenient for you.
  • Upon job completion and approval, please make payment to ANDY OnCall®. This protects your lien rights and insures your one year written warranty.
  • ANDY OnCall® will contact you regarding job satisfaction.

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Free Estimates

  • Make a list of all tasks you would like quoted
  • Craftsman will assess the job or jobs, and call the office for pricing
  • Craftsman is ready to begin your job immediately and stay until it is completed to your approval
  • Please initial ANDY OnCall® contract/invoice of work to be completed before he begins
  • To schedule him for another date, call our office and we will reschedule at your convenience
  • One year Written Warranty on all Craftsman work
  • ANDY OnCall® is licensed, bonded and insured


  • PLEASE DO NOT PAY! Until the job is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Interim payments, payable only to ANDY OnCall®, for individual jobs or stages of larger projects, equaling percentage of work completed, must be arranged in advance with office.
  • Payment:
    • Personal or cashier’s check to: ANDY OnCall® Returned Check: $25 Fee
    • Credit Cards: AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, Discover + 4% Handling Fee
    • NO CASH – payment by cash could void your warranty and lien right

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Estimates are for labor only; materials are additional (Please approve all materials)
Craftsman can purchase materials needed for the job or you may furnish
You will be shown the receipts – no mark-up is added keeping your cost down
Immediate reimbursement due when receipt(s) total exceed $100 – all materials previously paid for and/or due will be shown on final invoice – make all payments to ANDY OnCall®
Craftsman can often give a guesstimate, but no guaranteed material cost

Concealed Problems

If concealed or unknown problems are discovered during the job, the craftsman will stop all work, advise you and the office, then wait for direction and approval to proceed from you.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Please feel free to call ANDY OnCall® at any time if you have questions.


Coupons apply to labor only – not materials

Discounts apply only at time of payment on a job or series of jobs performed continuously until completion

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